Ban and Forest Development in Kenya

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The “Miti Mingi Maisha Bora – Support to Forest Sector Reform in Kenya is a programme within the development cooperation between Kenya and Finland. The inception phase of the programme started in beginning of July 2007 and will end at the end of December 2008. The objective of the Miti Mingi Maisha Bora programme is to facilitate an increased contribution of forests and improved forest management to economic recovery and poverty alleviation on an economically and socially sustainable basis, and to improve the quality of life of the Kenyan rural population.

Development of industrial planted forests remains a core activity of the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), given their potential to support viable economic enterprises if managed sustainably. By 1994, planted forests covered 160 000 ha but excisions in the late nineties reduced cover to 120 000 ha. These plantations are the main supply of industrial round wood to the forest industry in Kenya.

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Ban and Forest Development in Kenya MMB

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